The Bark

  • Seniors stop in room 118 to get your permission slip to go to Kennywood

  • Today is a "B" day

  • Seniors! Don't forget $15 for your cap and gown.

2018-2019 Varsity Girls Soccer

Tue, Sep 11 Kans City HSHome3-0W
Kans City HSHome
Sat, Sep 15 Titusville AwayW-LW
Titusville Away
Mon, Sep 17 Franklin Area HSHome6-1W
Franklin Area HSHome
Tue, Sep 18 Clarion Area HSAway2-2T
Clarion Area HSAway
Thu, Sep 20 Kane City HSAway0-0T
Kane City HSAway
Sat, Sep 22 Mercer Area HSHome0-1L
Mercer Area HSHome
Tue, Sep 25 Karns City HSAway0-2L
Karns City HSAway
Wed, Sep 26 Forest AreaAway2-0W
Forest AreaAway
Mon, Oct 01 Clarion Area HSHomePPD-TBAL
Clarion Area HSHome
Thu, Oct 04 St. Mary's HSAway3-0W
St. Mary's HSAway
Sat, Oct 06 West Forest HSAway4-0W
West Forest HSAway
Mon, Oct 08 Brookville Area HSAway4-0W
Brookville Area HSAway
Thu, Oct 11 Keystone HSHome2-0W
Keystone HSHome
Mon, Oct 15 Dubois Area Catholic HSAway2-0W
Dubois Area Catholic HSAway