The Bark

  • Upward Bound will meet on Monday, 4/23, after school in Mrs.Orange's room.

  • All seniors need to check their emails and fill out the form for future plans, wills, and memories by Friday April 20th.

  • Round two for Prom sign ups, $12 per person. April 12th- Tuesday, April 24th

2017-2018 Varsity Boys Basketball

Fri, Dec 08 Mercer Redbank Valley 46-48L
Mercer Redbank Valley
Sat, Dec 09 West Shamokin Redbank Valley 41-64L
West Shamokin Redbank Valley
Tue, Dec 12 Karns City Karns City 41-55L
Karns City Karns City
Fri, Dec 15 Union Union 46-49L
Union Union
Wed, Dec 20 A-C Valley Redbank Valley 54 -65L
A-C Valley Redbank Valley
Fri, Dec 22 Keystone Keystone 33-44L
Keystone Keystone
Wed, Dec 27 North Clarion North Clarion 41-66L
North Clarion North Clarion
Thu, Dec 28 Forest Area Forest Area 57-37W
Forest Area Forest Area
Wed, Jan 03 Moniteau Redbank Valley 44-38W
Moniteau Redbank Valley
Wed, Jan 10 Forest Area Forest Area 56-63L
Forest Area Forest Area
Wed, Jan 17 Clarion Clarion 36-74L
Clarion Clarion
Fri, Jan 19 Cranberry Redbank Valley63-54W
Cranberry Redbank Valley
Mon, Jan 22 C-LRedbank Valley55-77L
C-LRedbank Valley
Tue, Jan 23 North ClarionNorth Clarion 27-67L
North ClarionNorth Clarion
Fri, Jan 26 Karns CityKarns City43-72L
Karns CityKarns City
Mon, Jan 29 Brookville Redbank Valley 41-57L
Brookville Redbank Valley
Wed, Jan 31 Union Redbank Valley 74-46W
Union Redbank Valley
Fri, Feb 02 A-C ValleyA-C Valley 58-55W
A-C ValleyA-C Valley
Tue, Feb 06 Keystone Redbank Valley 38-53L
Keystone Redbank Valley
Tue, Feb 06 KeystoneHome38-53L
Fri, Feb 09 Moniteau Moniteau 36-47L
Moniteau Moniteau
Mon, Feb 12 Punxsutawney Redbank Valley 40-69L
Punxsutawney Redbank Valley
Wed, Feb 14 Venago Catholic Redbank Valley 60-41W
Venago Catholic Redbank Valley