The Bark

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  • Tuesday, January 21 (B-day)

Recent Results

Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 15 Clarion Limestone70-31W
Clarion Limestone70-31W
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 15 Clarion Limestone 56-79L
Clarion Limestone 56-79L
Varsity WrestlingTue, Jan 14 Brockway 43-33W
Brockway 43-33W
Varsity Girls BasketballMon, Jan 13 Venango Catholic77-19W
Venango Catholic77-19W
Varsity Boys BasketballMon, Jan 13 Venango Catholic 56-32W
Venango Catholic 56-32W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 10 West Forest59-13W
West Forest59-13W
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 10 West Forest72-69W
West Forest72-69W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 08 A-C Valley63-33W
A-C Valley63-33W
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 08 AC Valley52-69L
AC Valley52-69L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 03 Moniteau62-40W
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 03 Moniteau47-61L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Dec 20 Mercer55-47W
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Upcoming Games

Varsity WrestlingTue, Jan 21 7:00 pmSt. Marys Home
St. Marys Home
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 22 7:30 pmNorth Clarion Home
North Clarion Home
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 24 7:30Karns City Away
Karns City Away
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 24 7:30 pmKarns City Away
Karns City Away
Varsity WrestlingTue, Jan 28 7:00 pm FranklinHome
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Jan 28 7:30 pm Cranberry Away
Cranberry Away
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 29 7:30CranberryAway
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 31 7:30 pmClarion Home
Clarion Home
Varsity Boys BasketballMon, Feb 03 7:30 pmPunxsy Home
Punxsy Home
Varsity Girls BasketballTue, Feb 04 7:30KeystoneAway
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Feb 05 7:30BrockwayAway
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Feb 05 7:30 pmKeystone Away
Keystone Away
Varsity WrestlingThu, Feb 06 7:00 pm Cranberry Home
Cranberry Home
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Feb 07 7:30MontieauAway
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Feb 07 7:30 pmMoniteauHome
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Feb 12 7:30 pmBrookville Home
Brookville Home
Varsity WrestlingThu, Feb 13 7:00 pmClarion Away
Clarion Away
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