The Bark

  • Spring Sports Physicals are February 24, 2020
  • Today is Friday February 21, an "A" day
  • Sign ups for people interested in the talent show in the Cafe.

Recent Results

Varsity WrestlingThu, Feb 13 Clarion 66-16W
Clarion 66-16W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Feb 12 Montieau47-57L
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Feb 11 Moniteau56-60L
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Feb 05 Brockway43-44L
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Feb 05 Keystone 38-70L
Keystone 38-70L
Varsity Girls BasketballTue, Feb 04 Keystone50-41W
Varsity Boys BasketballMon, Feb 03 Punxsy 55-65L
Punxsy 55-65L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 31 Clarion 42-53L
Clarion 42-53L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 31 Clarion69-65W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 29 Cranberry45-50L
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 29 Cranberry 67-75L
Cranberry 67-75L
Varsity WrestlingTue, Jan 28 Franklin68-12W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 24 Karns City 54-27W
Karns City 54-27W
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 24 Karns City 61-67L
Karns City 61-67L
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 22 North Clarion 44-66L
North Clarion 44-66L
Varsity Girls BasketballTue, Jan 21 North Clarion 56-70L
North Clarion 56-70L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 17 Union55-43W
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 17 Union 53-44W
Union 53-44W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 15 Clarion Limestone70-31W
Clarion Limestone70-31W
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 15 Clarion Limestone 56-79L
Clarion Limestone 56-79L
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Upcoming Games

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