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Recent Results

Varsity WrestlingThu, Feb 15 Cranberry45-27W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Feb 14 Kane39-70L
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Feb 14 Venago Catholic 60-41W
Venago Catholic 60-41W
Varsity WrestlingTue, Feb 13 Clarion Area 33-36L
Clarion Area 33-36L
Varsity Girls BasketballMon, Feb 12 Keystone 50-66L
Keystone 50-66L
Varsity Boys BasketballMon, Feb 12 Punxsutawney 40-69L
Punxsutawney 40-69L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Feb 09 Moniteau 36-47L
Moniteau 36-47L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Feb 09 Moniteau59-71L
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Feb 06 Keystone 38-53L
Keystone 38-53L
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Feb 06 Keystone38-53L
Varsity Girls BasketballMon, Feb 05 Brookville49-74L
Varsity WrestlingFri, Feb 02 Sharon54-30W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Feb 02 AC Valley33-69L
AC Valley33-69L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Feb 02 A-C Valley58-55W
A-C Valley58-55W
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 31 Union 74-46W
Union 74-46W
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 31 Union57-36W
Varsity Boys BasketballMon, Jan 29 Brookville 41-57L
Brookville 41-57L
Varsity Girls BasketballMon, Jan 29 C-L 63-44W
C-L 63-44W
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 26 Karns City43-72L
Karns City43-72L
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 26 Karns City42-55L
Karns City42-55L
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Upcoming Games

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