The Bark

About The Bark

Technology is growing and changing every day.   As the high school  journalism class, we seek to move our school newspaper into the digital age.   We students are digital natives–we have never known a world without computers–so it is only logical that we have a newspaper online.  Yes, the RVHS Bulldogs have gone digital!

The Bark has something for everyone! Our goal is to bring some positive excitement to the school. Redbank Valley is home to the Bulldogs, so we want to feature you, the students.  You may see us taking photos, doing surveys, and covering school news.   Pose for a picture, answer a survey, and join the excitement of The Bark with submissions of your own.  Don’t be shy! We want to recognize the students. Whether you’re in sports, chorus, band, or maybe you fly solo, that’s okay–we will take you as you are because we’re all Bulldogs, and we all have a voice.  So let’s bark!

–Erin Kunselman, Photo Editor, 2014