Step-Up Day


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

Step-up day has been a tradition here at Redbank for a long time. It takes place right after the award ceremony. The seniors move up on stage and each class moves to their new seats in the auditorium. The key to the school is passed down to the president of student council in the junior class. Previous step-up days were slightly different than they are now. There were not as many awards as they give out now. The seniors would do a comedy skit for the school. It used to be known as a “fun” assembly, but now it is more of a serious award ceremony.

We asked some of the seniors here at Redbank what they think about step-up day.

Q: What are your thoughts on step-up day?


  • I think that step-up day is a great way to end the school year. It gives you something to look forward to next year.
  • It makes me think about everything that happened throughout the school year.
  • Step-up day is a tradition and is a great way to physically show how the students have worked hard to grow and mature.

Q: What does step-up day mean to you?


  • It shows that you got through one grade and are on to the next.
  • It means that my high school career is almost over.
  • It means a lot to me because you can think back to every milestone in your high school career.

Q: How does step-up day make you feel?


  • I just always looked forward to step-up day at the end of the school year!
  • It will be bittersweet because I want to graduate, but the days of not having responsibilities are almost over.
  • Step-up day not only embellishes pride in myself, but the entire student body, and as I approach my last step-up day, I am sure I will look at the faces and hope that they (underclassmen) will take every chance to express themselves and push limits to make every day count and breathe in each memory to hold it close. So in answer, step-up day makes me proud, but also hopeful for the students yet to sit in the seats I have filled.

Q: Do you think step-up day is a good thing to do each year? Why?


  • Yes, I think it is because it is a tradition and again it shows your success.
  • I think it is because it allows the lower classes to feel accomplished with knowing they made it through the year.
  • Step-up day is a great thing. It is our opportunity to bring students and staff together. This embodies the fact we are all here to gain knowledge and success.


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