Senior Time Capsules

Senior Time Capsules

Kiley Minnick, Contributor

One of the many traditions for students at Redbank is creating time capsules in 7th grade that will be opened up at the end of senior year. In May, the Class of 2017 will be opening their time capsules. This is something that the seniors always look forward to.

Recently, several seniors were asked if they remember what they put in their time capsules and what they are looking forward to most about opening their time capsules.

Most all the seniors remember the body cut outs. The project was called 7th Grade Self/ 12th Grade Self Silhouette Project.  After students traced their body outline on large sheets of colored paper,  Mrs. DiGiammarino split the outline in half.  The left side was your 7th grade self and the right side was your 12th grade self.  A part of the project was reflecting on both selves.  The spaces on the outline– the head, arm, heart, stomach and leg–each had specific writing prompts to complete:   goals, who they love, and what do they cherish were just a few of the prompts.

The journal ia another time capsule item  seniors are anxious to read.  They wrote different stories about their seventh grade life documenting friendships, school events, etc.  Some seniors mentioned they are eager to see pictures and notes that they put in the time capsules.

The Class of 2017 is looking forward to seeing how much they changed since 7th grade and what was important to them at that time.   Time Capsule will be opened Monday, May 15, in the afternoon.    Mrs. DiGiammarino will host the a party in the cafeteria that will include a slide show of candids and the six-word memoir movie students made in 7th grade.   Refreshments will be served.