Band Trip to Messiah College and Gettysburg

Band Trip to Messiah College and Gettysburg

Samantha Neiswonger, Contributor

Interview with Mr. Terwilliger

Q: How many band members are attending the trip? A: 35 including parents. 


Q: When is the trip?

A: April 21st & 22nd.


Q: Where is Messiah College?

A: Grantham, PA. It is near Mechanicsburg. 


Q: How did students fund the trip?

A: Older students used old funding money, and we had four fundraisers this year. We had help from band boosters, and we will be having community band concert to raise more money. 


Q: Why did you choose to go to Messiah College for the band trip?

A: Because it (Messiah College) is where I got my master’s degree in instrumental conducting. Also, the teachers are very inspiring. I want them to have the same experiences and learn a lot about music and life. 


Q: What specifically will the band members be doing during the trip?

A: Small groups visit with each individual teacher that specialized in the student’s instrument and then meet the group band director.


Q: What life experiences are you hoping band members will gain from this trip?

A: Music reflects all of life. The teachers I got to know… taught me how to have a good attitude, dedication, joy, and purpose. 

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