Talent Show

Talent Show

Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

You may have heard that the talent show has been cancelled… but do not worry.   This year we will have an in-school talent show! The audience will select the winners by  voting via cell phones.

Mrs. McIntire answers some questions you may have about the new talent show format below.

I know a lot of students that would like to participate but cannot commit to an evening. Plus, the audience turnout has not been that great in the past for an evening show. The choir students and I were discussing ways to change it up this year, and this was our top choice in order to get more student involved…and showcase the talent to the entire school. If there are enough that sign up in each category, there will be a winner for each category, as well as some overall winners.  The music department will conduct auditions if necessary to keep to the in-school assembly schedule.  

I have found an app that I will use for voting.  Everyone will log in and enter a pin, similar to Kahoot.  The app can be downloaded and ready to go for that day (VoxVote), or students can just log onto the website via a browser (live.voxvote.com).
Interested performers shoud sign up by Monday, March 27, in the cafeteria.  Auditions and meeting for those who sign up will be held during Activity Period on Tuesday, March 28.  
A meeting with those who qualify to perform will be held during Activity Period on Thursday, April 7.  The Talent Show will be at the end of the school day on Tues, April 11.