Health Tip 3/06/17

Fruit Salad


Fruit Salad

Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

You should love the snacks you eat. Find a healthy snack that you would enjoy. Not only will you look forward to them because you are hungry, but also because they taste really good. Sliced apples with almond butter is a good “go to” healthy snack. Maybe even a little peanut butter with your apples or celery as well. Another quick healthy snack are different types of nuts. A lot of nuts come in little serving size packages. Fruit is always a good route to go as well. Buying a basket or bundle of fruit is a good way to start. If you have more time you can buy whole fruits and slice them up. When you are in a hurry, you could put some fruit in a container and go.

For more healthy snacks to go the link below for the list.

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