Dry Walling Project


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

In Home Maintenance class with Mr. Bundy, students are learning how to dry wall.  Students had to build a 4 x 4 wall with 2 x 4’s and then apply drywall to the wood frame. They had to measure and cut the drywall then screw it on the wall.

When they built the wall, they also learned a few electrical skills.  Students wired a light switch to an outlet and screwed the outlet boxes to the wall. When they cut the drywall, they cut out places for the electrical boxes on the wall.

Next week, students will mud the drywall.  Also, after all that hard work builing a wall, students will purposely put a hole in the dry wall so they can learn how to repair it.

The overall student response to this new home maintenance course has been quite positive.  Students enjoy the hands-on activity and value the real-life skills they are learning.

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