Student of the Week 2/24/17


Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Name: Cali Polka

After-school activities: Watch anime, exercise, browse Tumblr, go for walks, do homework, singing

Favorite book, its author, and why: If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin because it’s a story about a girl, who is unique and weird, who’s childhood friends with a popular boy, and realize they are more than just friends- that barely happens in real life.

Personal hero and why: Jenna Marbles because she taught me to embrace my inner weird self.

Preferred or dream career/job: High school English teacher

Highlight of your high school experience so far: Making friends and coming out of my shell

What is your favorite subject? English

If you could create your own high school course, what would it be called and what would it teach? Healthy Choices would teach about the food groups and how to live a healthier life.

Name three things you would like to accomplish by age 30. Get married (possibly), own two Italian Greyhounds, and be an English teacher.

If you could spend one year abroad, where would you go and why? Japan because all my life I’ve watched anime (Japanese animation), so it would mean everything to me to visit the country that started this form of beautiful animation.

What would you tell a freshman who wants to make the most of his or her high school years? Definitely spend lots of time with your friends because high school goes so fast. Also, do your homework because it will eventually help your GPA for applying to college.