Student Of The Week: 02/13/17


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

Katlynn Traister

Q: After-School activities

A: I participate in cheerleading, track, and gymnastics.

Q: Favorite book, its author and why:

A: Looking for Alaska by John Green.  The book really opens your eyes to life.

Q: Favorite band or musician and why:

A:  Adele, because she’s so confident and she doesn’t care what people say about her.

Q: Personal hero and why:

A: My mom, because I hope to be as good as her someday and support and love my kids as much as she does.

Q: Preferred or dream career/job:

A: To coach a university/college track team and to own a gym.

Q: Highlight of your high school experiences so far:

A: Sports and making a lot of friends

Q: What is your favorite subject?

A: English

Q: If you could create your own high school course, what would it be called and what would it teach?

A: It would be a fitness and nutrition class, and it would be called Get Up and Move.

Q: Name three things you would like to accomplish bye age 30:

A: Graduate college, have a steady and successful job, and have my own house or apartment.

Q: If you could spend one year abroad, where would you go and why?

A: I would go to New Zealand because of it’s beautiful mountains and landscape.

Q: What would you tell a freshman who wants to make the most of his or her high school years?

A: Don’t wish it all away and participate in as many activities as you can. HAVE FUN!