New Course: Google


Kiley Minnick, Contributor

This week the school board approved a new course called “Google” for next school year.  Mrs. Dinger proposed the new course and is thrilled to be teaching the class next year.   She shared her excitement with us.

What is the purpose of this class?

The goals of the course are for students to competently know how to use Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms and Google Presentations. Students will…

  • understand how to send and retrieve documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations online.
  • be able to edit a document that someone else has produced in real time. 
  • use Google Docs from a computer or smart phone.
  • how to convert Microsoft documents into Google Docs and Google Docs into Microsoft.  Many extensions and apps will be introduced for productivity.

What made you want to start this class?

Redbank Valley adopted the use of Chromebooks, which are totally dependent upon the G Suite.  What is unique about Google is that it will continue to update itself without the need to purchase new software.  As with other technological advances, it is hard to keep up with all the changes and to learn how to adapt the new with the old.  Therefore, our students and staff need to be proficient in the new technology to compete in higher education and the business world.

What kind of assignments and projects do students in the class have to complete?

The course will be using documents that are used in the school and in the business world.  We will be creating new and using old documents and learn how to change them, share them and use them.    As Google continues to update the G Suite, new extensions and apps will continue to be added to the list of many that already exist.  The challenge is find the apps and extensions that work best for your project.

What will be your favorite part of the class?

It excites me to share knowledge with the students as we work with programs and discover how to create something new.