Course Feature: Art


Samantha Neiswonger, Contributor

What is the purpose of this class?

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to give the student an idea of what is involved in an art elective course.  Students will implement art techniques that can be used for drawing, painting, printmaking, and design projects.  Students will be exposed to vocabulary pertaining to historical art events, artistic techniques, and famous artists, while expressing constructive criticism and aesthetic views towards art that they view in group critiques.  Students will be exposed to the following art mediums:  Colored pencil, printmaking, tempera painting, and graphite.  They will also be exposed to the following art techniques:  Metamorphosis, Linoleum block printing, visual puns, graph paintings, and value matching.

What made you want to start this class?

The Art curriculum of Grade 7, Grade 8, Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, and Art 4 were established before I became a teacher at Redbank Valley.  In my time here, I have just enhanced what is being done in those classes.

What kind of assignments and projects do students in the class have to complete?

Metamorphosis (Drawing and Design Project), Linoleum block printing (Relief Printmaking Project), visual puns (Drawing and Design Project), graph paintings (Painting Project focused on Pointillism), and value matching (Design Project focused on color identification).

Do you have plans to add any new projects or assignments to the class later on?

Most of the projects have remained the same in Art 1 due to the focus on various art techniques that can be used for drawing, painting, printmaking, and design projects.  However, the projects give each student the ability to use their own creativity in producing very different compositions while still all focusing on the same art techniques taught.

What is your favorite part of the class?

My most favorite part of the class is twofold. One, to be able to teach a subject that in both interesting and entertaining.  And two, to watch students use their own creativity to produce something no one has ever seen before.  Art allows students to tell a story without ever having to write a word.

What would you do for more students to take your class?

Students are missing out on the opportunity to both learn and to be themselves, creatively, by not taking my class.  Most students who are unable to take my class are due to schedule conflicts.  This is unfortunate!  The more students that take my class, the more creativity and “thinking outside of the box” is offered to the community.

What are key parts you want your students to learn from your course?

Art students need to understand that art…

  • Makes you think.  Artists can control viewers in how they think and/or feel.
  • Takes you places.  Artists can take the viewers any place they want them to go.
  • Makes you look.  Artists can gain viewers’ attention through their work.
  • Makes you emotional.  Artists can make viewers feel a certain way.
  • Makes you feel good.  Artists can get to a state of euphoria when creating art.
  • Says things that words can’t say.
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