Search for Work Day

Search for Work Day

Madison Harman, Editor

As students, we are taught a substantial amount of essential skills, most of which we will use for the rest of our lives. We will use the knowledge that we have obtained through years of high school in our jobs as adults. However, the one extremely important aspect of life that we are not taught is how to land that job. In some cases, students will inherit a family business or easily get themselves hired for a specific job without much hassle at all. Though, in most scenarios, students are required to prove themselves by going through an interview. The interview process is something that many teenagers and young adults are not prepared for.

Mr. Gold has taken it upon himself to offer us a chance to learn how to successfully complete an interview by arranging a Search for Work Day. We were asked earlier in the school year what kind of job we hoped to pursue after high school. Since then, Mr. Gold has contacted representatives from each job we listed and asked them to come to RVHS on January 22.  Throughout the Search for Work Day, seniors will be given mock applications and be required to complete at least three different interviews with representatives from our chosen occupations.   At the end of this project, we will also be sending out follow-up and thank you letters.

Mr. Gold has asked that all seniors make sure they attend school on January 22, as this day will count as 150 – 200 points. In other words, if you do not participate, you will not pass the nine weeks. If you are not able to attend for a serious reason, an alternative project with all of the same requirements will be provided on a day you can be at school. For this alternative, you will be required to interview with businesses in town or with teachers at school.

In order to accurately portray a job interview, it is asked that we dress professionally. For example, if you dressed nicely for your grad project, that would be the kind of outfit you are expected to wear for the Search for Work Day. Boys, you are expected to wear shirts and ties.  Because Mr. Gold has dedicated so much time in organizing an event that will prepare us for our future, the least we can do in return is follow his simple guidelines for student decorum.

Below is listed each occupation, as well as the representative that will be attending.


Occupation Representative
Welding Swartfager Welding
Miller Welding & Machine
Business Brian Dougherty
Dewatering Services
Darin Bain
Charles P. Leach Agency
Matt Darr (Holiday Inn)
Lindsay Ferringer
Larry Gourley
Jamie Lefever
Clarion County Community Bank
S&T Bank
Sports Management Greg Bean
Conservation Officer Andrew Troutman
Psychology Dr. Don Morgan
Education Jean McCleary
Mark Schlosser
Computer Programming Gordon Barrows
Nursing Ciara Rupp
Cosmetology Breanna Hornberger
Doctor Dr. Chad Shaffer
Gas and Oil G&G Gas
Social Worker Greg Bean
Photography Apex Imaging Photography
Whitling Photography
Real Estate Agent Janelle Bond (Pat Merwin)
Air Traffic Controller Clarion County Airport
State Police Scott Ryan
Lawyer Bill Hager
Joseph McDaniel
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