Health Tip– Staying Healthy


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

Do you always say your going to start working out, but never go through with it? You do not always have to jump right in to a hard core work out plan. Here are a few easy steps to get you started down a healthier path.


A way to stay healthy starts in the kitchen. You must learn to eat healthy before you start working out; other wise it would be a waste of time.  The number one change you can make is drink lots of water to cleanse your body. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and also washes away toxins in it. Every morning when you wake up, get a glass of water instead of juice or pop. If you are a person that needs coffee in the morning, make sure it is plain, and you are not adding a ton of sugar. You can change your breakfast in the morning. Instead of grabbing a doughnut, grab other quick options, like berries or yogurt.   Make sure you have one green food in your diet each and every day.  Then add more green foods each week. Consider making your own food so that you know exactly all the ingredients. Instead of using so much salt while cooking, replace it with herbs. As hard as it is, you have to get rid of all the sugary snacks you are eating every day.  Choose fruit instead.

Now that you are changing you eating habits, it is time to start excising. For beginners, start out slow and build your way up so your body has a chance to get used to it. Fit in a 20-30 minute walk each day. Lift something about 10 to 15 pounds for 5 minutes every day as well. When you have spare time in your day, you are probably used to sitting around and relaxing. Cut that out and use your spare time to exercise. Another exercise option that may appeal to you if you are not a hard core workout person is yoga.  Ask a friend to join you, and go to the gym together so you have someone to motivate you.

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