Course Feature- Broadcast


Samantha Neiswonger, Contributor

We all know that Broadcast Journalism students produce the morning news program, RVTV Live; but did you know that Mr. Fricko and Mr. Bundy also teach Introduction to Broadcast Journalism?   The Bark interviewed Mr. Fricko to find out more about this elective course.


What is the purpose of this class?

Intro to broadcast journalism will introduce students to the world of broadcast journalism. This introductory study of broadcast journalism aims to analyze mass media communication.


What made you want to start this class?

For years, there was only one section of Broadcast Journalism taught during first period and served as an outlet to simply record and broadcast the morning announcements to the school.  We (Mr. Bundy and I) learned about new technologies and decided that we needed to create an introductory course that we could teach students video, audio, and production techniques that would be needed to further the caliber of the more advanced classes and the production value of RVTV.


What kind of assignments and projects do students in the class have to complete?

Intro to Broadcast Journalism begins with learning about the history of television and broadcast journalism.  Students will also be exposed to script writing, various video filming and editing techniques, and producing a quality news program.


Do you have plans to add any new projects or assignments to the class later on?

The course is always evolving and we continue to learn new assignments and techniques.  The one thing I really enjoy about the course is that there is always new projects that are student-driven and developed each semester.


What is your favorite part of the class?

I love the atmosphere we create in the class. I also really enjoy when a student can take something they conceptualize and turn it into a final product.  Students who really show an initiative in the class are able to have some of their projects used on RVTV!


What are key concepts you want your students to learn from your course?

A primary aim of the course is to prepare students to produce/operate RVTV; however, I also want students to come out with an understanding of media literacy by examining messages that come to us through mass media.  It is a very powerful form of communication that often floods our lives.