Course Feature: Career Options

Students working in Career Options

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Pretty soon, we will be making our schedules for the next school year.  Within the last year, many new electives have been added and some people may not even know that these new classes are an option.  One of the new classes, Career Options, is taught by Mrs. Bonfardine.  Check out the following Q & A with Mrs. Bonfardine to learn more about Career Options:

What is the purpose of this class?

To assist students with researching their career options.  Career orienting the students for the workforce and higher education.  Students will develop a job skills portfolio.

What made you want to start this class?

Since graduation project is no longer required, I thought it would be an advantageous time to offer a career class to help the students decide what they want to do after high school.   In addition, I see a lot of seniors graduate with no insight of their future.

What kind of assignments and projects do students in the class have to complete?

In the first several assignments, the students will research and recognize their interests, personality type, skills, and learning style.  After they learn about themselves, we move on to career researching followed by choosing a school or a couple schools.  Every student will complete a job application, create a cover letter and resume, do a job shadow, and answer interview questions.

Do you have plans to add any new projects or assignments to the class later on?

I am always open to edit the curriculum and adjust to the student’s needs.

What is your favorite part of the class?

Watching the students discover their career choice (and having a backup plan to their first choice).

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