AP Government Civics Engagement Project

AP Government students with the gifts that they purchased.

AP Government students with the gifts that they purchased.

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Recently, students in Mr. Gold’s AP Government class completed a civics engagement project.  This Christmas, there was a family who was in need in our community.  The students each donated $20 and spent all day shopping for the kids.  Additionally, there were five other families throughout the community who were in need this Christmas.  Students in Mr. Gold’s other government classes offered to purchase gifts for the other five families.  Later on, the AP students delivered the gifts to all of the families.  In addition to the gifts, an anonymous family purchased traditional Christmas and New Years meals for each family.

Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Participating in this project helped me to grow tremendously as an individual.  Seeing the looks of happiness and thankfulness on these people’s faces when we delivered the gifts and meals were priceless.  I now know that when I am older, I want to do whatever I can to help out people in need.  This project taught me that it is important to be an engaged citizen in our community.  When you’re engaged in the community, you are helping out more people than you may think- including yourself.  I am very thankful that I had this opportunity.

Click here for a video made by the RVHS Broadcast Journalism, highlighting the project.

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