Something to Chew On: A New Year

Something to Chew On:  A New Year

Samantha Neiswonger, Contrinutor

It is 2017. Forget about last year.  It is a new year and you can always have a better one than the last. Everyone wants wants a New Year resolution to work out. Some want to be lucky, lose wait, or make a big change in life.   A new year does represent a clean slate, so why not consider a  change?

Maybe you want to change your reputation or even to try to get a better grade in science. It is our time to make more memories and achieve bigger and better goals.   I know people that have already said this year is terrible for them. Wait! The year isn’t over. It just started. Just think how many days there are to make this year one of the best years yet.

Welcome the new year with enthusiasm.  Forget about last year and what has happened. Think about what WILL happen. It is a new year, and only you can make it a great year.