Tip of The Week — Safe Driving

Tip of The Week -- Safe Driving

Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

As we come into December it is starting to get snowy and icy out. The roads are getting bad and you still need to travel them. Make sure you take caution while driving, always. Kill the daily distractions you are used to doing. Do not eat or drink behind the wheel. You may be in a rush, but wait till you get to the place you are going. DO NOT make phone calls or text while driving. Have the person you are with text for you or just turn your phone off. This is the most common reason why people wreck, not paying attention. Don’t let your passengers distract you either. Turning around to talk to a friend or looking in the mirror at them puts you both in danger. If they need something or you need to do something , pull off and then do it. All these are reasons why people wreck. This is on a normal day, not even when the roads are bad. As you are traveling around for the holidays, keep these in mind!