Something to Chew On: Being Thankful


Anonymous, Contributor

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s not just the time to get out all the pants with elastic waistbands on because Grandma is making her famous pumpkin pie, but it’s about looking back on the year and being thankful to see your family and friends.

Most of us see our family members every night, or we talk to them in some way. I know we take that for granted, especially with siblings, because they annoy us all the time and we fight with one another. Family doesn’t stay forever–siblings go off to college or get married– so enjoy the time that you have with them.  Breaking the wish bone is the best part. You can get a wish and show your sister you might be stronger than she.

As you watch a football game with your dad or uncle, remember when their favorite team gets a touchdown. You might miss seeing them get excited because their team won. Consider helping mom in the kitchen–that turkey roasting in the oven smells better up close!

Family is something you can’t ever replace. Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the people in your life and to cherish them.