RV Water Bottle Policy Approved


Samantha Neiswonger, Contributor

After much debate, the Redbank Valley School Board passed a policy at the Monday, November 7 meeting for students to have water bottles in school.  The policy reads as follows:

Redbank Valley High School

Water Bottle Procedures


a. These procedures apply to all students in grades 7-12 who attend Redbank Valley School District.


Currently, open containers, food and drink are prohibited outside of the cafeteria. This is due to safety issues arising from spillages. The Redbank Valley Board of Directors has charged the administration to create procedures regarding the use of water bottles in classrooms.


Water fountains are available in each hallway in the high school. Students are permitted to get drinks between classes. In addition, students may be excused from class to get a drink.

a. Should students wish to carry a water bottle to class with them, the following guidelines will apply:

a. Clear water only; there shall be no flavor packets added to the water bottles.

b. All bottles must be disposed of properly by the end of the school day.


a. Water bottles are not allowed in computer labs or around computers. If brought to class, they must be sealed and placed on the floor or under a chair.

b. Water bottles are not permitted during standardized testing (PSSA/Keystone testing).

c. Teachers reserve the right to inspect any water bottles at any time.

d. Students who are misusing the water bottles (i e. Bottle flipping, littering, popping tops, etc.) will lose the privilege of carrying a water bottle.