Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

Branden Truitt, Guest Writer

I have a lot of reasons why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for President.  

Let’s just say it:   she is  a liar. She brags how she is all about America, and she’s all for the people, but yet, she is sending jobs out of America. Unlike Donald Trump, he’s keeping jobs in America by taxing all the companies leaving America.   When these companies try to send their products back into our country, the products will be taxed as imports.  That plan will keep companies here, so they avoid getting taxed. Clinton won’t do that. She will let American companies leave and let them send products back pretty much tax free.

Also, Hillary Clinton has admitted said she will shut down the coal companies which will put a lot of people out of jobs in states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  How can anyone in Pennsylvania vote for her?

My biggest issue with Clinton is her pro-choice stance.  She’s alright with killing babies before they have chance to prove themselves in life. The worst thing about it is most abortions happen around the time when a baby could survive with the help of hospitals. It just makes me sad when I think about it.   Those kids never had a chance because a mother or father made that decision for him or her.   How can one person decide that a kid can’t have a chance? The worst thing is that the unborn baby can feel pain during an abortion.

Now,  I could go on and on with reasons why I wouldn’t vote for Clinton–I haven’t even mentioned the missing  e-mails–however,  I wanted to go over the big issues I have with her.  I understand Trump has said some controversial things in the past, but it’s the past.  We need to get over it.   I’m more worried what Hillary will do to this country in the future.

I believe that Donald Trump will do his very best to change our country and point it in the direction we need.   That’s exactly why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

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