Athlete Superstitions and Rituals

Athlete Superstitions and Rituals

Madison Harman, Editor

Throughout history there have been athletes with odd superstitions and rituals. Whether it’s something they have to do before or  during a game, most athletes can think of something significant that they consider to be their personal superstition or ritual. What are the superstitions and rituals of some of our very own athletes at Rebdbank?


KeShon Truitt: KeShon always makes sure his shoes are tied the same way. He also recites the same prayer before every match and ends his ritual by making sure to stare down his opponent.

Cal Haines: Cal says that he has to listen to music before a match, and aside from the usual warm ups wrestlers do, he also jumps up and down three times before finally walking onto the mat.


Boys’ Basketball:

Jake Dougherty: Jake goes home everyday before his game and eats a ham and turkey sandwich. He believes if he doesn’t, he’ll have a bad game. He drinks one blue Powerade that is 1/4 water. Jake also wears the same red spandex underwear for every game and insists that he has to tie his left shoe first.

Devin Shumaker: Devin warms up the exact same way before every game, never changing his style. He also says that if he eats something specific before a game and then plays well, he will continue to eat that same meal until he has a bad game.

Sam Heeter: Sam listens to the same playlist before every game. For away games, he listens to country music until the bus arrives at the school, then he switches to rap. He also gets dressed in the same order each time.

Khorey Neiswonger: Khorey has to take a shower before every single game so he feels refreshed and ready to play.


Girls’ Basketball:

Brooke Hinderliter: As we all have become quite aware, Brooke does not play with her hair up. During warm-ups, she also refuses to leave the gym floor until she makes a shot.

Becca Dougherty: Becca always puts her jersey on under her clothes so she’s ready to go, and she also has to wear a headband for every game.

Kaelyn Gruver: Kaelyn says that she feels best before a game if she warms up with her team and she makes sure to give constant encouragement to her teammates.



Nick Shoemaker: Nick always has to wear the same pair of socks, even though his left one has a hole in it. When he walks up to the plate, he always steps in the box with his left foot first and touches the plate once with his bat. Nick has to clean his shoes before every game.

Connor Shoemaker: Connor also wears his lucky socks, and it has to be the same pair. Right before he bats, he spits on the plate and taps his bat where he spat.

Chris Shaffer: Chris says that on game days he eats a much bigger breakfast than every other day.



Sarah Oliver: Sarah doesn’t wash her uniform until her team suffers from a lost.

Kimberly Shick: Kimberly feels as though she plays her best if she prays with her team before each game.

Kara Hicks: Kara makes sure to pray before each game because she knows that without God she wouldn’t have the ability to play the game she loves. She always quotes Philippians 4:13 before she gets into the batter’s box as a reminder that she can hit the ball.