October- Bullying Awareness Month


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

As everyone knows Redbank is working on stomping out bullying this year.   You only have to take a few steps into the main lobby to see this year’s theme on display.  The 11th grade homerooms have decorated the showcase pertaining to cyber bullying.  The display case this month is only one way Principal Rupp has focused on bullying.

One preventative measure Principal Rupp employed this year was a series of video presentations during homeroom to raise awareness among the student body.   These videos were good for some of the students, even though the intensity of the bullying here isn’t as bad as the videos.   They should open up students’ mind to see how bad it can get when you bully.

It just so happens that October is Bullying Awareness Month. There are specific things that each day means during this month. The first Monday of October starts us out with wearing a blue t-shirt to raise awareness for bullying awareness month. The week of October 10th is “make new friends” at school by talking to someone new.   Try to challenge others to be kind and make the kindness go viral. Make a video of everyone doing something nice to one an another. October 11th is National Coming Out Day, celebrate coming out as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. The week of the 17th is stand up for others.  If you see anyone getting bullied go and tell an adult. You could also stand up to the bully. The last week, the 24th, is where the students can participate by creating positive messages on sticky notes and leave them for someone to find. Also, students could put together a collection of videos or presentations like Mrs. Rupp did here at Redbank.

If everyone would participate in anti-bullying events this month, the bullies could be stomped out all together! Remember, stand up for others and be kind!

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