Something to Chew On: Life

Something to Chew On: Life

Anonymous, Contributor

Life will have obstacles.  Everyday there could be a problem we have to over come. That’s life.  It won’t change unless we do something about it.  It’s our life; we need to change what makes it a struggle. No one has it easy, but having a harder life might make you a better person. You can see a different perspective, become determined, or understand someone else’s situation. We are all human beings and at times we can be weak, but it only takes a moment before we can be right back up on our feet trying again and again.

Never let failure over come your life. Failure isn’t who we are. Try, try, try again. Life is all about how we react to it. So, think before you react. It may be harder, but you are stronger. We get up out of bed everyday, and we have to remember today will be better, because can make it better.  Think of failure as a challenge.  It may be difficult, but you can overcome whatever is in your way.

Life may get in the way of what you want. I know life doesn’t always go the way you planned, and it’s difficult to keep it on track, but it will be okay.   No matter what may happen–being bullied at school, no friends, maybe mom and dad are divorced–you will be fine and life will go on. Those bad times will make you stronger. Life gets better after the storm. My grandpa would always tell me there’s a rainbow after every storm. So, consider this:  the harder the storm, the brighter your rainbow will be.

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