Art Projects– Wanda’s Cafe and Pizzeria Sign


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

New Bethlehem is known for having many pizza places, and yet, another one has come to town recently.  This new restaurant, Wanda’s,  is where Beverly’s used to be. Mr. Hartle’s art students here at Redbank Valley helped create the sign for Wanda’s. The students that were involved in the painting are Molly Nolf, Hannah Adams, Lexi Holt, Eli Carlson, Marissa Hageter, Alyssa Wiant, and Hunter Minnch.   Other teachers that helped to engineer the sign were Mr. Bundy, Mr. Hartle, Mr. Craig, and Mr. Fricko.  In return, the students  involved  enjoyed a free pizza here at the school. This is just one of many art projects that will be created this year.

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