The 7th Graders’ Big Transition

Kiley Minnick, Contributor

We all have experienced the night before the day you start seventh grade.  Remembering being so nervous that you couldn’t sleep the night before?  This year’s seventh graders at RVHS  shared a few thoughts about the big transition that they are going through.

Most seventh graders had the same fears– being late to class or getting lost.  All the students said they enjoy having gym every other day compared to once a week when they were in elementary school. So, instead of having gym once a day per week and recess everyday after lunch, the students all agreed they like having gym every other day and no recess.  Some students reasoned “We do more fun things in gym than we did at recess.”

When the students were asked what they have enjoyed about their seventh grade year, there were a variety of answers.  Makayla Monrean said  she liked how much freedom she had. Most of the students commented that in high school you do get a lot more freedom than you ever did in elementary school.  They also mentioned you get to move to another class instead of having the same teacher in the same classroom all day every day.    Another answer from Regan Miller was that she liked how you switch to a different specials (art, FACS, music, computer literacy) after each nine week mark.

The last question the students had to answer was “What is something you are looking forward to in your high school experience?”  The responses were all very different.  Ryley Pago’s answer was opening her time capsule her senior year.  Sarah Magness’s response to this question was getting all A’s and being in journalism when she is able to. Mia Gourley looks forward to new teachers, getting different lockers, and meeting new students.

The seventh graders this year seem to have handled the transition very well.  The next time you see those seventh graders hurrying across the hall to lunch remember, you were one of them at one time.