Class Cash

Class Cash

Madison Harman, Editor

Fundraising does not seem like a concern when you are in seventh and eighth grade, but once you are a senior with prom approaching, you will realize how much money prom actually costs. It is highly suggested to have $5000 in your class account to cover expenses, and the current Senior class will be the first to say it isn’t easy to raise all that money in your senior year. That’s why fundraising is essential for every class, every year.

All students should be aware of how much money  your class has. The account balances below come from the monthly report of student activity funds.  At the end of each month, the account balances will be updated, so keep in mind  the monthly numbers will vary.

Hopefully after seeing your current class money situation, you will take it upon yourself to think of fundraisers to improve your class account.  If you have any fundraising ideas for your class, you should contact one of your class officers listed below.

The seventh grade class has not yet developed a student council government. 7th graders, Mrs. Weaver will be meeting with you sometime throughout the school year, and when that happens, seventh grade will also be included in this monthly report.

November 2014 Report:

2019: $336.44

Class Officers: Paiton Rizzo, Shylie Shreckengost, Hope Spence, Madison Stewart


2018: $2,083.03

Class Officers: Cessa Neiswonger, Kaia Rearick, Kylee Miller, Chloe Blough, Desirae Wells, Patty Smith


2017: $2,154.99

Class Officers: Eli Carlson, Kara Hicks, Tristan Keller, Alyssa Burkett, Andrew Adams, Logan Markel, Kiley Minnick, Callie Songer, Macy King, Ryan Moore


2016: $3686.13

Class Officers: Emilee Kunselman, Becca Dougherty, Reagan Bish, Dalaney Tyner, Sarah Oliver, Taylor Eberle, Nick Shoemaker


2015: $2,718.97

Class Officers: Shannon Sager, Madison Harman, Megan Bain, Jade Adams, Erin Sheffer, Cassie Fink, Katlyn Neiswonger, Anna Pyne, Cambria Hornberger

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