A Poem for the Girls’ Soccer Seniors

A Poem for the Girls Soccer Seniors

Mackenzie Pence, Assistant Editor

Redbank Soccer

Without you, the team just won’t be the same.

We’ll miss you at every practice and game.

You gave this team something that we can’t replace,

You always played with a smile on your face.

I’ll never forget all the fun that we had,

Through the good games and even the bad.

This year your talents really did show,

We got first place at Nini Manfredo!

But with every goal scored and every shot piked,

You never went down without a fight.

Though overtimes were rough and our muscles were sore,

You always found a way to score.

Now in the world, you’re moving on up,

Constantly competing in life’s World Cup.

A legacy was left on the field by you,

And your effort shows in all the things that you do.

Life without soccer will have its own thrills,

But it might be better than stupid ball skills!

We take different paths and start to fade,

But I’ll never forget the memories we’ve made.

Thank you for the awesome season we had,

I love you, good luck, and let’s go Red!