2016 Presidential Election

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

On Tuesday, November 8, America will be choosing a new leader for our country.  In many of our history/government classes, teachers are doing projects and lessons to teach students about the election process. Mr. Gold did a project with his senior government classes. Students were assigned to groups and instructed to make a campaign poster (see attached slideshow), political cartoon, and commercial for each candidate. The posters are currently displayed at the end of the senior wing and the commercials will begin to air on RVTV Live approximately two weeks before election day. There are many seniors who are able to vote in the upcoming election. Several seniors who will be voting were asked about their opinions on the election.

Senior 1:

Why did you decide to vote?  Because I’m 18

Who are you voting for?  Hillary (Clinton)

Why are you voting for that candidate?  Trump is not fit to be our president.


Senior 2:

Why did you decide to vote?  I feel like it is my responsibility as an American.

Who are you voting for?  Most likely (Donald) Trump

Why are you voting for that candidate?  I am voting against Clinton, rather than for Trump. I do believe some of his policies will greatly help our country.


Senior 3:

Why did you decide to vote?  It’s the right thing to do. This election seems like it will go down in history, and I want to be a part of it.

Who are you voting for?  Donald Trump

Why are you voting for that candidate?  He is a businessman. He knows how to work the system, and he knows how to deal with money, and that’s what we need.


Senior 4:

Why did you decide to vote?  My parents never did and it made me mad when they complained because they did nothing to decide. I am voting so I can complain.

Who are you voting for?  Trump

Why are you voting for that candidate?  I hate Hillary and she’s crooked and evil. I don’t really like Trump much, but he is at least a little better than Hillary.


Senior 5:

Why did you decide to vote?  I was an undecided voter and was convinced that my vote mattered.

Who are you voting for?  Trump

Why are you voting for that candidate?  Hillary wants nothing to change. What is happening in America right now isn’t working.


Mr. Gold has also planned a mock election so we can “vote” to see who Redbank would select as our next president. Read the following interview with Mr. Gold to learn more about the mock election:

Please explain what a mock election is and how the process will work?  A mock election is organized and carried out purely for educational purposes. I am trying to educate students on how the process works. It will be practice for those who are voting, and an example of what to expect for those who aren’t old enough. I am also hoping it motivates students.

When will the mock election take place?  October 26th beginning at 12:30

Where will the mock election take place?  The voting machines will be set up on the stage in the auditorium.

Who is conducting the mock election?  The senior AP Government class will serve as the election board. Clarion County will be providing the voting machines.

Who will get to participate in the mock election?  All students in grades 7 – 12.

Other Information:   Clarion County will only be doing this for Redbank. They stated that they don’t have time to go to other schools. Because of that, Mr. Fricko’s Broadcast Journalism class will be making a promotional video of us voting. That video will be given to the courthouse so they can share it with other schools in the county. There will also be local media outlets present to cover the event.

ABC News will also be at Redbank the day of our mock election. They will be filming for Nightline. The segment is on “how teachers are teaching the election in American schools”. Dr. Harmon has selected a panel of 8th graders who will be interviewed by the reporters. The piece will air on Nightline prior to the election.

To see RVHS featured on Nightline, click here.