Student of the Week 9-19-16

Student of the Week 9-19-16

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Name: Peyton Kirkpatrick

After-school activities: After school, I enjoy spending time outside, riding my bicycle, and attending youth group.

Favorite book and its author: My favorite book is the Bible because it is a source of comfort when I am discouraged, and it answers questions I might have about life.

Favorite band or musician: My favorite band is for King & Country. I like them because their music is uplifting, and I like the instruments they incorporate into their songs.

Personal hero and why: My personal hero is Jesus Christ. He gave his life for mine so that I could be forgiven when I stumble in life. To me, that sacrifice is priceless, and I want to be more like him each day.

Preferred or dream career/job: As of now, I am leaning toward being a lawyer or studying law of some type. Politics is one of my interests, and I feel that a career in law would encompass this.

Highlight of your high school experience so far: Beyond all of the laughs, my favorite high school experience was traveling to New York City on a field trip. The atmosphere was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and seeing the 9/11 plaza was something I’ll never forget.

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is science because of the analytical mindset required when solving problems presented.

If you could create your own high school course, what would it be called and what would it teach? If I were to create my own high school course, it would be an elective that reviewed current events. This class would include discussing what’s happening in the world around us as well as debating national and global issues that come up throughout the duration of the course. Students would be well informed and have sufficient support for their opinions when finishing the class.

Name three things you would like to accomplish by age 30: Before age 30, I would like to be a college graduate, have a stable job that is using my degree, and be starting a family.

If you could spend one year abroad, where would you go and why? If I could spend one year abroad, I would travel to Europe to see the historical landmarks located there. I would also like to spend some amount of time doing mission work so that my eyes might be opened to the things we have here in the US that I often times take for granted.

What do you hope to achieve by your senior year? Before my senior year, I hope to have a GPA of 4.2 or above, and be accepted into college so that I can focus on enjoying my last year of high school with as little stress possible before entering the “real world.”