Something to Chew On: Confidence

Something to Chew On:  Confidence

Anonymous , Contributor

If you have ever felt unnoticed, it’s because you’re not putting yourself out there for the world to see. We all are in high school once, and it is our time to be who we are. You will be walking through these very halls until you are graduated.  Why not use that time to your advantaged?  Have fun, be yourself, take your moment–high school is made for memories. Don’t waste your time standing in the corner at Homecoming, get out there and dance. Do anything you can to be recognized as who you are. Sign up for clubs or any activity you can. Whoever has her mask on, take it off and walk down the hallway with confidence. We are here for a short period of time; high school doesn’t last forever. Never regret the moments you didn’t do, remember the moments you have done. As Demi Lovato would say, “What’s wrong with being confident?”

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