Anti-Bullying Program


Samantha Neiswoger, Contributor

Mrs. Rupp, Principal of Redbank Valley High School, instituted a new anti-bullying campaign this year. Bullying happens everywhere you look. It might not happen all the time, but it happens to everyone in a different manner. However, in high school students don’t always learn the consequences when they do something wrong. Sometimes everyone needs to be told not to be rude at some point. The Bark interviewed Mrs. Rupp to get answers  to a few questions about the bullying program.

Q:  Why did you start the bullying program?

A:  The community members were talking about how Redbank has bullies, and parents said it has been going on for years.  She wants to change the image of our school

Q:  Do you think the signs will impact bullying and prevent it from happening?

A:  She hopes they will serve as a reminder to make positive choices.


Q:  What the types of bullying do you deal with at Redbank?

A:  Rumors are a big one and social media posts.  There’s also name calling.


Q:  What are some ways that you are really going to enforce our rules about bullying?

A:  There is zero tolerance and students are being disciplined by the school handbook.  Once word gets around that it (bullying) will be addressed, it will stop.


Q:  Do you think bullying will ever stop in schools?  Why not?

A:  Some people are just mean, and we can’t stop everything.  We can have enough people who can show kindness and show that the actions of a bully are not as harmful.


Q:  What is your advice to kids that are bullied?

A:  Ignore and it; continue to tell somebody; don’t bully back.


Q:  As an adult, do you see any bullying among your peers?

A:  I don’t, but I choose to surround myself with kind-hearted folks, and anyone who would do that (bully) I don’t have time for.


Q:  Do you know how it feels to be bullied?  Were you bullied in school?

A:  I do know how it feels, and if you let it get to you, it can really mess with your self-esteem.  Know who you are and surround yourself with people who have similar beliefs and personalities, so you can overcome it.