What’s for lunch today? The same thing as yesterday! Why?


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

Why are we having pizza and bagels as a choice every day for lunch? If you look at the lunch menu you will see that we are having pizza and bagels as the second choice every day. Many students were curious to know why it had changed from last year.  An interview with Mr. Reitz, Cafeteria Manager, has answered these questions.

Mr. Reitz explained that most everyone likes these two menu items, and if students didn’t, they would have a third option that changed everyday too. However, always having the pizza and bagel as options leaves fewer choices for students.

Mr. Reitz conducted a survey in the cafeteria to get the students’ views on the menu change.  All the students voted if they wanted it to go back to how it was last year with two different choices everyday, or keep these two items as the same options everyday. There were a total of 260 participating in this survey. Due to the results,  we will go back to having two different choices each day in October.

In the future,  Mr. Reitz is looking to get  new items on the menu.  Make sure to be on the lookout for new items to try!



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