Pre-K in High School?


Lacey LaBorde, Contributor

Did you hear there is now pre-school in the high school? You may have noticed that one of the faculty rooms has been transformed into a pre-school. Maybe this doesn’t affect you so you haven’t noticed, but interviewing the staff that works with the children turned interesting.

This isn’t just any ordinary pre-school, this program is called Early Intervention Special Education. There are 7 kids that are in this program now, but a total of 11 can join the class, ranging from ages 3-5. The days the class is in session are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. All of the children that are in this program are Redbank or Union students. Mrs. Kate Watkins is the teacher, and Mrs. Kate Brown is the speech therapist. The school board has welcomed them to move their school here. The Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 sponsors this program. The school is from 12:15-2:45 so that the children are not trying to come and go when all of the students here are out in the halls. If you happen to see them in the halls make sure to wave and welcome them because they are excited to be here.




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