An Open Letter to the Redbank Valley Class of 2016


Logan Magagnotti, Writer

It has come to that time in the year where I am being constantly bombarded with pictures of prom dresses on Instagram and graduation party invitations on Facebook. All of this means that the school year is quickly coming to a close, and we are putting our high school career to rest. I feel some things need to be said before we leave for the year, though.

Now, I understand that your social life is basically the most important thing to you at the moment. With parties and prom and graduation just around the corner, it can all seem to be a little bit too much at times. Do not let this ruin the experience for you. For the last couple months of senior year, I’ve had an agenda that’s been completely filled with errands that I need to do or events that I need to attend. It can get to be ridiculously stressful if you allow it to be. Embrace every single thing that you do. Take a million pictures at prom. Do not allow yourself to forget these memories.

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