Mrs. Rupp’s First Year Reflections

Mrs. Rupps First Year Reflections

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Rupp, Principal here at Redbank Valley, has officially been here a year on May 12, 2016. Our school has had quite a few principals in the years previous; however, Mrs. Rupp has really made a positive impact here with the changes she made. I was given the opportunity to interview Mrs. Rupp to question her about her experience thus far as principal.

I would like to say that I had a wonderful first year, and I am excited to see what the next school year will bring! ”

— Mrs. Rupp

Question 1: How do you think this school year has gone?

Answer: I enjoyed every minute. There were many challenges and I believe that the faculty, the students and myself really worked collaboratively to overcome the challenges.

Question 2: What were your goals for the 2015-2016 school year? Did you accomplish the goals you anticipated?

Answer: The creation of an Activity Period, getting to know the seniors, increasing school spirit, and to incorporate teacher Close Readings. We did establish an Activity Period.  If I haven’t gotten to know all of the seniors, I at least know all of their names. Finally, you may have noticed more teachers using Close Readings in their classrooms.

Question 3: What challenges did you face that you have overcome? 

Answer: I was very pleased with the overall changes made and how easy they went over with the students and faculty. The disciplinary policies were the biggest challenge of all, but I am glad that I kept things as fair as I could. People are not accepting to change, but I felt as though this school accepted these changes open-mindedly.

Question 4: What are your goals for the upcoming school year of 2016-2017?

Answer: I would really like to maintain the same schedule as this year without having to make changes to it. I believe overall this school year went relatively smooth.  I would like to take time to monitor the changes I’ve made, so that we can keep the school running effectively in the future.

Question 5:  Are there strengths that the school could build on in the future or areas needing improvement?

Answer:  There is always something that we can improve on to make our school better. I would really like to see more from the Arts and Music programs and really focus on those aspects because we do have some unique talents that the community and the school can appreciate. I would like to see more people participating in the talent show and school musical.   Next school year will be a time to see these programs excel and see the capabilities of our students who maybe not get seen as much as sports.




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