Lego Art

Lego Art

Elisabeth Hook, Writer

If you have ever wandered into the art room, you will see the awesome pieces of art done on Mr. Hartle’s walls. Now, Mr. Bundy decided to get in on the action with the help of Mackenzie Pence. Recently, Mackenzie spent some time in Mr. Bundy’s room creating a plaster sculpture of a Lego man, and painting a section of his one wall to look like connecting Lego pieces.  We interviewed Mackenzie and Mr. Bundy about her art installation.


Q: What made you want to do this project in Mr. Bundy’s room?

A: I wanted to do a plaster craft, and Mr. Bundy wanted a mural painted on his wall. So, I thought, ‘What if we made a plaster Lego man?” and the both of us thought it would be cool piece to do.

Q: Why did you do Legos?

A: When I was coming up with a project and talking to Mr. Bundy, he wanted to do something Lego-themed, and I thought it would be cool so I went for it.

Q: How long did it take you to complete the project?

A: It took me a little over a month and a half. It was a really fun project to do, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Mr. Bundy:

Q: What made you choose to do Legos?

A: Actually, my kids really like the Lego Movie, and I do too.

Q: Did you help Mackenzie?

A: All I did was make the platform for Mackenzie’s Lego man to stand on.

Q: What made you want to have art in your room?

A: I thought it would be neat with Mr. Hartle doing the plaster sculptures to incorporate that idea into something in my classroom.

I guess…the name for it could be “Everything Is Awesome”!

Thanks, Mackenzie, for leaving a legacy behind in the form of this colorful, creative art installation.