RVHS Teachers: Little-known Facts


Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

  1. Mrs. Aaron had a motorcycle license before having her driver’s licence.
  2. Mrs. Wright likes to go kayaking and was once run over by a farm tractor.
  3.  Mr. Campbell does a perfect imitation of Erik Cartman, a character from “South Park”.
  4. Mr. Craig played piano for six years and pitched one baseball game in college.
  5. Mrs. Hurlbrink and her mom have their own homemade soap company.
  6. Mr. Harmon was the first employee hired at Hardees in New Bethlehem when it opened in 1990.  Hardees eventually became Burger King.
  7. Mr. Wolfe sucked his thumb until he was in seventh grade.
  8.  Mrs. Switzer lived in Romania
  9. Mr. Bundy  has been a jack-of-all-trades:   former owner of a lawn mowing/landscaping company; a maintenance worker; a bridge construction worker; and a even a butcher.
  10. Mr. Laird has never broken a bone, had surgery, or been hospitalized overnight.
  11. Mrs. Orange’s formal background is actually Biology and Medical Technology, holding a bachelor’s degree in both.
  12. Mr. Hibell is getting married to his fiance, Alisha Walters, on June 4, 2016.
  13. Mr. Fricko spent three weeks in Japan, studying the Japanese educational process.
  14.  Mr. Gold  went shopping with LeBron James when he was in high school.
  15. Ms. Zewe was a very tiny baby.  When she was born she was only 5 lb., 5 oz. and measured 17 inches long.
  16. Mrs. Wensel loves to play golf and is afraid of horses.
  17. Mr. Logan  was a Make-A-Wish kid at age 9.
  18. Mr. Weaver can play the harmonica.
  19. Ms. Boyles is a twin.