WYO Tech

WYO Tech

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator

WYO Tech began in June of 1966 when 22 students from Wyoming and the surrounding states started their careers in Automotive Technology in Laramie, Wyoming. WYO Tech opened its Blairsville doors for training in Automotive Tech and Collision Refinishing Tech in the spring of 2002. Wyo Tech’s certifications have approval from 48 state governing authorities.

WYO Tech has partnerships with Peterbilt, John Deere, Mazda, Cummins, Auto-Zone, TransAm, and many others. Courses offered at the Blairsville location include Automotive, Collision Refinishing Tech, and Diesel Tech. WYO Tech also has locations in Laramie, Wyoming and Daytona, Florida.

If you would like to check out more information for yourself, you may call their toll free number  at 1-888-308-7158 or the Blairsville office at 724-459-9500.  You may also want to explore their website at wyotech.edu.


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