Homerun: April’s Underrated Movie


Jordan Mann, Writer

I think we can agree that a majority of people are happy it’s spring, and we’re all starting to go on our summer vacation brain. No one has any motivation for school or work  because we all want to be outside having fun.    Baseball/Softball season is officially upon us, so it’s time to go to the Little League field, eat some cheesy fries, drink Gatorade, and watch a good baseball game.    Accordingly, I chose Homerun as April’s underrated movie of the month. It’s great because it has the sports movie hype that most enjoy, but it’ll give us a little motivation to make it through the rest of this school year.

Cory Brand (Scott Elrod), a pro ball player for the Denver Grizzlies, suffers from an alcohol problem. His past has been complicated and hard, but life gets even more difficult for him when tragedy strikes. Cory is forced into a rehab center where he has to face the hardships of his past and coach the Bulldogs, a Little League team.

Homerun is a great family movie. It’s appropriate for all ages which is always a good sign. The movie also demonstrates how it’s possible to overcome hardships in life, big or small.  Hopefully, it will motivate  you to make it through this last nine weeks, but be heartwarming as well. All aspects of this movie are great, and it even fits the time of year considering baseball and softball games are just now starting. I highly recommend watching.