Senior Time Capsules

Senior Time Capsules

Jess Walter, Writer

Graduation is a little less than two months away.  That means that the Class of 2016 will soon be opening their precious time capsules from seventh grade.  That’s right, SEVENTH GRADE.

Throughout our seventh grade year, we were given the opportunity to fill a time capsule made from a shoe box.  We were told to bring in our shoe box of our favorite shoes to use as our time capsule.  Mrs. DiGiammarino, our seventh grade English teacher, provided ideas and checklists for us.  Some of the items that are in the time capsules were a requirement for class, while others were an option to put in.  Some seniors say they remember almost everything they put in their time capsules, while others remember almost nothing.  Either way, opening time capsules will be a trip down memory lane.

Seniors will meet on Tuesday, May 3, in the cafeteria during Period 6 and Activity Period to open the capsules and enjoy refreshments.




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