Snow Camp Reflections

Snow Camp Reflections

Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

Recently, the Bible Club, along with other local churches, made a trip to Circle C Ranch for Snow Camp.  Our group has attended Snow Camp for approximately 10 years.  All who attended thoroughly enjoyed our 2016 trip and would like to share some of their favorite parts, memories, and how Snow Camp changed their lives.

Favorite Parts:

“Being on the winning team–puppymonkeybaby.  It was the first time in seven years that…I actually won.”–Rikki Hetrick

“I got to meet Wayne [Snow Camp Director] and he helped me so much… I’m really glad that I went.”–Trista Bowser

“The tubing competition because my group won with a score of 9 out of 10.”–Shay Hoppper

“Chapel because it was really nice to worship.”– Hayden Smith

“Being around other Christians and not being afraid to be myself.  At school I feel nervous to be the real me, but at Snow Camp it’s okay to be who you really are.”–Aiden Reichard

“Learning more about God.”–Frankie Dinger

“The sermons because they are really impactful and emotional and they change lives.”–Alaina Hook

Favorite Memories:

“Finally winning the tootsie roll! #puppymonkeybaby”–Mackenzie Pence

“My favorite part of Snow Camp was meeting all the new amazing people.”–Kassidy Lee

“Getting hit in the face with a doughnut and then having to eat it.”–Karlee Wells

“I got hit in the head with a doughnut.”–Frankie Dinger

Life Changes:

“I got saved and realized how amazing God really is and how awful I was living until He walked in”–Elaina Miller

“Snow Camp changed me because it taught me to just be myself.” –Montanta Hetrick

“Snow Camp allowed me to grow closer to God.  I’m so happy that I was able to all these years and become a stronger Christian.”–Kathryn Crawford

“It bought me closer to God.” –Kyle Watkins

“It showed me that God can do more than you ever could.” –Andrew Adams

I can speak from experience that we are highly blessed to have the opportunity to return year after year to Snow Camp at Circle C, and for some of us, these trips have been amazingly life changing.

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