Meet Mrs. Orange!

Nikki Shreckengost, Staff Writer


Cookie cutters, touching quotes, and a warm, welcoming smile is what surrounds you when you walk into Room 114. The new Family and Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Orange, is a very enthusiastic, outgoing person. She is very active with her students and tries to teach them everything she knows. She teaches Foods and You, Child Development, Methods of Cookery, and Family and Consumer Science. Every day she learns new things from her students and enjoys every second of it.

Mrs. Orange has been experimenting with cooking since her seventh grade year in Home Economics class. She had such a fascination for cooking, she went home and told her mother. Wanting to cook at home, she received kitchen equipment from her parents as a Christmas gift, and her passion for cooking started. She enjoys making delicious treats for her family, co-workers, and students. She went through an extensive amount of schooling. She received two bachelor’s degrees, Biology Education and Medical Technology. She also has two teaching certifications K-12 Family and Consumer Science, 7-12 Biology,  and a PA Administrator’s license for Personal Care Homes.

While preparing the classroom this summer, Mrs. Orange noticed that some of the kitchen supplies were getting rather outdated, so she found a way to replace them. Mrs. Orange discovered a website, and entered to get donations. Donors Choose is an online organization that allows anyone help students and schools in need. This site allows public school teachers to post a project and try to gain the funding to from private donors. By posting her project onto this site, Mrs. Orange was able to get the funding for new color-coded pots and pans, Ninja processors, and a classroom laptop. A retired Home Economics teacher from Harrisburg area donated all the money we needed to receive the pots and pans and the Ninja processors. Her Foods and You classes participated in writing thank you letters and taking pictures while opening the new supplies.

Although Mrs. Orange does an amazing job keeping her students on task and making her class lively, she does have some difficulties that will take some time to fix. Any new teacher can relate to the struggle of time management, not because he/she is not using  time wisely, but because the teacher is not sure how fast or how slow a lesson can be taught. Although Mrs. Orange struggles with timing, she knows how to deal with it–she uses her, “Mom skills” to keep everything in order.

When the class of 2020 was asked how they would describe Mrs. Orange, all of the students had nothing but good things to say about her. Jordan Hicks said, “Mrs. Orange is a nice, caring person. She can put a smile on my face every time I see her; she is the best! She has made an impact on my life by showing me how to be a nice person.  Even on a bad day Mrs. Orange still has a smile.” Madison Moore said, “I would describe her as fun and smart. She has a great method for getting us ready for tests.” Austin Myers said, “She has taught me to cook, care for children, and respect others.”

If Mrs. Orange can make such an impression on her students in the short time she has been here, imagine what she can do over the course of her teaching career at Redbank Valley.