New History Courses for Juniors


Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

The Class of 2018 will be the first junior class with the option to take two different, one semester history courses, rather than just World Cultures.

The reasoning behind this change was that, as quoted from Mr. Carrier, “The history department felt that juniors needed to be offered a variety of interesting course options, not just World Cultures.  We each had a new course that we feel comfortable teaching and are willing to give it a try.  We all feel that these courses will peak the interest of each student as well as better prepare them for post-secondary opportunities.”

As of now, the options are all a half-credit and include Modern History, Western Civilization, Psychology, Holocaust, and Sociology. Western Civilization will be taught by Mr. Craig; Psychology by Mr. Gold; Modern History by Mr. Carrier; and The Holocaust and Sociology by Mr. Harmon.

Each sophomore will be able to pick two courses for their junior year.