Extra Effort Award

Brooke Hinderliter, Bob Pompeani from KDKA News, and Alexa Smith

Brooke Hinderliter, Bob Pompeani from KDKA News, and Alexa Smith

Jarrett Bailey, Sports Writer

The  KDKA Extra Effort Award has found its way to Redbank Valley, as Brooke Hinderliter and Alexa Smith will be accepting the award this year. This award is presented by KDKA’s Bob Pompeani to local student-athletes who excel both on the playing field and in the classroom, and both Brooke and Alexa are very deserving of this award. Brooke has been an absolute menace to opposing teams on the hardwood since her freshman year. Brooke finished her incredible career with 1,997 points, becoming the all-time leading scorer in the school’s history in both boys’ or girls’ basketball. Alexa was a captain of our girls’ soccer team, who went 16-4 this season and had a nice playoff run. Over 240 applicants are nominated for the award, but what was different about Brooke and Alexa?  They had the two highest GPA’s among all candidates–Alexa with a 4.39, Brooke with a 4.02). When I asked Mrs. Liberato why she chose to nominate Brooke and Alexa, she said that they are “…great kids and model students…” and what “…wonderful people they really are. I was beginning to notice and discover that there was more to be seen in Alexa Smith and Brooke Hinderliter. It went beyond the classroom and beyond the soccer field and basketball court. It was their character and integrity of their hearts.”  

Brooke and Alexa display compassion, kindness, humility, and patience toward others. ”

— Mrs Liberato

Congratulations, Brooke and Alexa. You definitely earned it.

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