She’s All That: March’s Underrated Movie

Shes All That: Marchs Underrated Movie

Jordan Mann, Writer

It’s officially prom season. People are frantically running around trying to find dates, some are struggling to find the best “promposal”, and girls are on the hunt for the perfect dress. Prom is extremely stressful, so I chose a movie that demonstrates how  not to go about prom. It is yet another rom-com, but let’s be honest, that genre produces the most films, which leaves more movies to be overlooked. So, without further ado, March’s underrated movie of the month is She’s All That.

She’s All That takes place in Los Angles, which is iconic for its tendency to be superficial. Zack (Freddie Prince, Jr.) is in the top 3 of his class, captain of the soccer team, and has the hottest, most popular girlfriend in the entire school. On the other hand, there is Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) who is a “nerdy” outcast and very into the arts and alternative style. Zack gets dumped by his girlfriend for a reality star, so to stay on top, he takes on an almost impossible bet. Zack has six weeks to befriend Laney and help her become prom queen.

I love movies from the 90’s. Romantic comedies have a tendency to all follow the same story line, so why not enjoy the rom-coms that started the tradition. She’s All That is lighthearted, sweet, and a classic. Zack hangs out with a group of bad apples, but deep down he has a good heart, which I think is the case for a lot of students in high school. You just go with the flow to avoid drama. You really get to see him transform while he’s hanging out with a down-to-earth person such as Laney. I think that even though this movie is filled with stereotypes and cliques, there is something meaningful and relateable about it. I highly suggest watching it.