What Can You Do This Winter?

What Can You Do This Winter?

Elisabeth Hook, Writer

While winter can seem like it boxes you into your house, there are many activities to keep yourself busy this winter. For example…

  1. Watch an old Disney movie that you loved as a kid.
  2. Drink hot chocolate.
  3. Make a snowman.
  4. Eat an icicle.
  5. Go sledding.
  6. Read a new book.
  7. Try to bake something.
  8. Invite friends over for a movie night.
  9. Go skiing.
  10. Explore new music.
  11. Rearrange your bedroom.
  12. Go through your closet.
  13. Paint and draw.
  14. Work out.
  15. Build an igloo.

So, go out there and seize your winter, Redbank!

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